Here are some pics from my last student recital. It was held at Opera House Live in Shepherdstown.

My son Lydian, a bass player, is trying his hand at drums during Rock Band Class.

Improv For Kids!

Here are some pics from the Improv For Kids Class. We have been having so much fun. Above middle is Julia Davisson trying out the ukulele. To the left is Joslin Davisson checking out the ukulele. And to the right is Tor Rigby giving the drums a workout.

Singing And Songwriting Class

This is a song called Sippin Wishes by Anne Hamilton that came out of the Singing and Songwriting Class. Enjoy!

Here are Anne Hamilton and Collin Guedel from the songwriting class.

Here's another song from the Singing and Songwriting class I had in the first session. This one is by Anne Hamilton.

My piano student Ksusha Lowry composed this pretty scary song that really sets the tone for Halloween.

Here is a song by Collin Guedel called Gold Star. He wrote this as part of the Singing and Songwriting Class here at SSOM. Collin is singing, accompanied by Sam Jannotta on Piano and Anne Hamilton on Percussion. Check it out.


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